Wedding Party

Jonathan Strang (Jessica's brother)

Best Man

Jonny is the best little brother Jessica could have ever asked for. Jessica is extremely honored to have him standing next to her on one of the biggest days of her life.

Krizzia Hernandez

Maid of Honor

Krizzia and Jessica met when they started working together at Hyatt. They quickly found out that they have a lot in common and became practically inseperable. Jessica is very excited to have Krizzia standing next to her while they create great new memories.

Jamie Trevennen (Kelly's sister)

Maid of Honor

Growing up, Jamie and Kelly did not always see eye to eye but there is no one else that she would rather have standing next to her.

Justin Smerigan

Best Man

Justin and Kelly grew up together and she considers him a brother. Even though he can be a pain sometimes, like a little brother. Kelly is very happy to call him her best man.

Kim Newsome


Kelly has known Kim ever since she was 13. Kim has always supported Kelly in every aspect of her life and when Jessica came into the mix that did not change. Jessica and Kelly always wanted Kim to be a party of their special day and are honored that she is going to be our officiant